The Nerd Cave

Welcome to the Nerd Cave

by Little Bytes of Pi

nerdcaveThe back room is my home office. One day the kids joked that some guys have a ‘man cave’, but dad has a ‘nerd cave’.  The name stuck (so much that they made me a sign to hang above the door). This is where I have been toiling away learning new things.

Setting up and operating web servers from my home office is one of the new tricks I learned. Of course, there is no telling how reliable they will be, so this entire site is mirrored at

You can also visit our real website at, where you will find more useful tutorials and information about our projects.

This website contains tutorials designed for the novice computer user.  These tutorials describe how we setup and operate a number of different web servers from home.

The first three tutorials are useful no matter what kind of web server you wish to operate.  They describe how to setup your routers and firewall to isolate your web servers from your home computers, and how to install hacking prevention software:

The next series of tutorials describe how to install different types of web servers:

The next three tutorials describe how to install the Mono C# runtime framework on a Linux server, how to configure it to run ASP.NET web applications, and a beginner’s guide to debugging and deploying ASP.NET web applications on a Linux server.

We put together a test server with a simple ASP.NET web site, which you can see at

All of these tutorials are also available in printable document format  on the Little Bytes Of Pi Google Drive.

The unique hardware we use for our servers is described on The Mini Server Farm page.